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My not-so-short Bio


In life and business, there are a handful of values that drive my decisions.

These stem from a single, natural urge I have, the urge to know how the world (and it's people) work.

This urge to know leads me to have a Love of Learning. But the only way to truly learn is to be Honest. Being honest with myself and others inevitably leads to taking Ownership of my actions and feelings. Ownership of my feelings keeps me from blaming others for how I feel. In turn, this leads to the ability to show Compassion towards others. Coming to these values is--as is often the case-- a Journey. When you think of a destination that seems worthwhile, it is usually from the Journey, where we derive the most value. Therefore this is both the first and last value in the list: Journey before Destination.


At the moment my focus is on three areas:

First, I am in the process of outlining a plan for a platform for entrepreneurial content creators.
The platform is aimed to help budding creative entrepreneurs to be inspired in "finding their voice" and educated in using their newfound voice to run a business.
My hope is that those content creators, in turn, inspire other people to create a brighter future for humankind.

Second, to pay the bills, I provide consulting services through my agency Keen Insight. At Keen Insight, I offer advice for and (if my expertise fits the need) implementation of (software) architecture to optimize processes.
My plan for the long term is to rebrand (or fold) this agency into a new venture that will focus on Content as a Service, which provides "Done-For-You" content.

Third, I have challenged myself to do 10 weeks of both writing daily and weightlifting daily. My reasoning to do this, is to become a better writer, to see who resonates with what I write about, to get to know myself better and to feel more fit.
This challenge takes a few hours of my day, but is well worth it so far! You can read more about it here.


Side-Projects: Nationaal Natuurcadeau, Powerlifting Goals, Crafting Subscription-box, Startup Idea Validator, Google No More
IT: Software Engineering & Business Analysis
Teaching: Biology, Chemistry, IT
I may write a bit more about these previous ventures at some point.


Love: Wife and kids.
Writing: "Musings of My Mind" on my Blog
Reading: Lots. Of. Reading. (Latest books: 'Antifragile' by Nassim Taleb and 'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield)
To unwind (which I rarely make time for though): Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Playing games.